MadeWorn was founded around the idea that not all garments are created equally. Picture the distinct feel, fit, and finish of your favorite vintage rock tee. It's special for a reason. Like individual canvasses - the bold colors spring to life with texture, imperfections, and soul. The ink cracks and fades with wear - the fabric gets softer from repeated washings. Markings and holes appear, sharing the memories and experiences of its owner. Every little detail, no matter how small adds to the overall story. A relic of a time gone by - Your personal holy grail.

These are fundamentals of Made Worn.

Each of our premium tees is first created around the sense of touch. Our cotton and fabrics are beaten, sanded, bashed and thrashed to replicate years of wear and adoration. The unisex fit is a harmonious balance of styles old and new, and effortlessly accommodates a wide range of body types.

After the printing process, each garment then travels to our studio in Hollywood for finishing where we sand, stretch, paint, patch - and occasionally burn to perfection. Often, the most significant touches are the subtle ones. We're proud to bring you a garment that honors the artists, musicians, fans - and the story behind it all.

everything we make is marked with the creativity of
an individual – cut, sewn, aged, distressed,
sanded, dyed and f*cked with – by real human hands.

-blaine halvorson