madeworn is proud to offer you an ever expanding, exclusive collection of one of a kind merchandise. with meticulous attention to the marriage of art and body, the process begins with the selection of the canvas: be it a vintage leather jacket, vintage denim jacket or one of our own aged fabrications. our in-house tailor provides the ability to carefully craft and reinforce the canvas, while our in-house chain stitch artist utilizes a vintage cornely machine a, dating back to the late 1800s, adding that special touch of nostalgia making the pieces indistinguishable from the rare vintage pieces of their respective eras.

this completely handmade collection encompasses various rare and iconic prints alike, an array of chain stitched and hand painted jackets - and a glimpse into music’s rich history through decades of unique designs and techniques.

featured below are some of our favorites, with more available in the link below.

guns n roses paradise city leather jacket


lose you dreams and you might lose your mind.

-mick jagger

a kid once said to me “do you get hangovers?”
i said, “to get hangovers you have to stop drinking”

-lemmy kilmister

motorhead eat the rich


black sabbath denim jacket w leather sleeves


madeworn ace of spades military jacket


ramones patched military jacket


madeworn chain stitched mushroom jacket


acdc flick of the switch denim jacket


kiss god of thunder denim jacket


butterfly chainstitched denim jacket


there is one metallica - we have many styles, it’s called metallica

-james hetfield

metallica in concert denim jacket


metallica on tour denim jacket


metallica hope and justice denim jacket


i am against nature... i think the truly natural things are dreams,which nature can’t touch with decay

-bob dylan

mellow suede jacket


guns n roses tophat denim jacket


no dead end here