Established in 2013 by Blaine Halvorson, MadeWorn is a luxury brand and
industry leader in the remastering of vintage concert tees and in store experiential shopping.
From the weaving of organic cotton tees to the preparation of speciality inks, all facets
of MadeWorn garments are engineered to reflect that of the originals produced decades prior.
Focusing on sustainable manufacturing and locally sourced materials,
MadeWorn is one of the few companies that can boast all our creations
are absolutely and entirely – American made.

Our appointment-only, experiential space is a 360-degree world, part designer’s studio,
cobbler’s workshop, art museum, and concert space.
Our space is a 12,000-square-foot indoor-outdoor compound, meticulously curated dreamscape,
offering products that embody an intimacy with raw materials and hand processes.

For Halvorson, each project, whether it is a hand-tooled leather hat
or a massive experiential installation – undergoes a complex process,
an alchemy that transforms everything he touches – into treasured artifact.

everything we make is marked with the creativity of
an individual – cut, sewn, aged, distressed,
sanded, dyed and f*cked with – by real human hands.

-blaine halvorson